GlenGlenn Ward, Director of Missions
                                                                                              THE MANY REFERENCES TO MARCH

      When you hear the word March (as in the month) what comes to your mind?  There are several things that generally relate to this month.  There is March Madness which is related to college basketball and the national championship.  There is St. Patrick’s Day with parades and all things green to remember his birthday.  There is Spring, for which many of us can hardly wait—especially after the week of winter storm that most of us have never experienced and would be fine if it never came again!

            On a more positive note, as March closes, on the fourth day of April we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord!  While most believers in our tradition do not follow the Lenten season, we do seek to prepare our hearts for a special remembrance of the greatest events in history—the sacrificial, atoning death of Christ by crucifixion on Friday and His empty tomb on Sunday.

            May the Lord bless you and yours as you recover from the winter storm and begin your preparations for sharing the Good News that the Lord Jesus Christ is alive with all He brings to your worship services—both in person and online.

                                                                                                 I am so glad to be your DOM,
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