GlenGlenn Ward, Director of Missions
                The title question may automatically create some uneasiness for some readers, but please allow me to share a recent experience that just might be a possibility for some other churches in our Association.  The fact is that we have 15 churches that are currently served by bi-vocational pastors.  That simply means that it’s necessary for these pastors to have an outside source of income in order to support their families.  This is also a trend that is becoming more prevalent across our nation.
               Now, let me share with you my recent experience.  At Waples Baptist Church, one of our bi-vocational churches, we ordained a man (Scott Dix) who has given outstanding evidence of a heart for pastoral ministry and serving a local church.  He now has the title of Associate Pastor, working alongside current Pastor, Lindsay Luedeker, and they make a great team.  My point is that many of our similar churches might consider seeking the Lord for such an addition to assist their current Pastor, sharing the load and increasing the joy and effectiveness for those who are carrying the whole load of ministry.  There may be just such a person already in your congregation—just as there was at Waples—who senses that God may be calling them to fill such a position in your church.  Could you be open to such a partnership in the pastoral ministry at your church?  Are you willing to pray about it and seek the Lord’s wisdom and direction regarding such a plan? 

            Now that schools are back in full swing, may the Lord bless our students, faculty, administrators and all support staff, giving everyone a great year under His direction and blessing! 

              Please mark your calendars for our PBA Annual Meeting on October 22, to be held at FBC Glen Rose, beginning at 5:00 pm, dinner at 6:00 and second session at 7:00.  It’s always a wonderful time of hearing about some of the great things the Lord has done through our churches this year and looking forward to even more great things in the coming year!  May the Lord bless you all as we serve together!

                                                                                                I’m so glad to be your DOM,

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