GlenGlenn Ward, Director of Missions
               You may be aware—if not I hope you will make note of the fact—that on January 25, 2018, we will host a Church Revitalization conference that will also include age-group training for anyone who leads classes, home groups, or cell groups in your church.  As I continue preparing, I’ve been reading some very interesting and informative articles and      blogs.  One in particular gave some things to think about—and I believe church leaders should pray about.  Leo Endel is Executive Director of the Minnesota-Wisconsin Baptist Convention.  He titled his article: “Signs Your Church May Be in Trouble.”
--You believe it’s your church.  You’ve taken too much ownership and forgotten that your church belongs to Jesus, not you!
--You don’t have an outreach plan and your people are not sharing the gospel.
--You don’t have an intentional discipleship plan.
--Your worship service is dull.
--Lives are not being changed.
--You’re in a maintenance mode, protecting what you have and planning very little.
--You lack a clear leadership process.  It’s impossible to get anything significant done.  You might even have a person or group that resists any vision.
--There’s stubborn resistance to change.  You keep doing events and programs that don’t even seem to be having any noticeable fruit, and resist changes that might make a difference.
--Your facilities are deteriorating and no one seems to notice or care.
--You lack a congregational prayer focus and dependency.
                He concluded with this statement: “If you sense the need for renewal and revitalization in your church, the place to start is intentional congregational prayer.”
                It is my prayer that you will meditate on such ideas about the church where you serve and make a plan to attend our Church Revitalization Conference on January 25, 2018, at Granbury Baptist Church, 6:00 pm  (light supper); 6:30 pm keynote message by Phil Miller; 7:00-8:30 Workshops for Pastors and General Officers and age-group leaders/workers.
                Let’s be on business for the sake of God’s Kingdom!  Seems like that’s a good way to also celebrate our Savior’s birth—Merry Christmas to you and yours!
I’m so glad to be your DOM,
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