GlenGlenn Ward, Director of Missions
                Special thanks to Boots Hubbard and the Church Health Team, Pastor Lonnie Lehrman and the gracious members of Granbury Baptist Church, and to Phil Miller, keynote speaker and leader of the general officers session, Keith Lowery, leader of the adult leaders session, Chuck Gartman, leader of the youth-leaders session, and David Butts, leader of the preschool/children’s leaders session.  There was a sweet spirit and some wonderful feedback regarding the speakers/facilitators of this event.  Fourteen churches were represented, nine pastors, and a total of sixty-five in attendance, plus numerous helpers from our host church. It was indeed a great evening!
                Recently I read an article from the Center for Healthy Churches, located on the campus of Belmont University in a suburb of Nashville, Tennessee.  In one of their meetings they sought to answer the question, “What is a healthy church,” by writing a definition.  This was their conclusion:  “A healthy church is a community of Jesus followers with shared vision, thriving ministry, and trusted leadership.”  Their decision was based on what it means to be “the body of Christ in and for the world.”  They felt it was more important to define it from the perspective of who a church is and how well they are following the way of Jesus.  More than budgets, buildings and programs, a healthy church is seeking to be like Jesus.
                This is especially important for us here in Paluxy Baptist Association, because a healthy church is not necessarily the mega-church model.  Fifteen (15) of our churches have bi-vocational pastors, which means that they are not large enough to pay a pastor a full-time salary.  The good news is that a church can be healthy as it follows the New Testament pattern of being the Bride and Body of Christ, regardless of its size! 
                Another upcoming event that we believe can be helpful for our churches will be March 5, called M-Night.  That “M” stands for “Mobilizing for Missions and Ministry.”  It will be at Southside Baptist Church in Granbury, beginning at 6:00, with an exhibit hall of displays and opportunities.  The service will begin at 7:00 as we highlight specific connections our Association has with various ministries and mission opportunities. Please be in prayer for this strategic event, mark your calendar and plan to attend.
                May the Lord bless you and your church to truly be the Body of Christ in your community!
 I’m so glad to be your DOM,
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